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We're still working with some local vendors to get our very own TigerFans.net apparel shop up, but for the moment this place below has a decent selection of products.

Good prices:
Fanatics shop for TSU Tigers


I know alumni apparel is an issue and when we get our shop up, that is one thing that we will address. If you have any suggestions, feel free to
comment below and we will do our best to accommodate to demand.


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I'll be looking out for the official TigerFans.Net apparel. 

But I must say I have some some legit/unique TSU Alumni apparel purchased from the TSU Bookstore website .... it's definitely of great quality and authentic material and a percentage of the proceeds I know go straight to TSU.



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Nelson said:
We're dipping our toes in the water... check out the following: http://www.tigerfans.net/boards/showthread.php?tid=438&action=lastpost

Remember the full size alums. One problem I have purchasing from the bookstore is they don't have a variety in my size.


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I keep it in mind... Last shirt sale had sizes up to 5XL available if I'm not mistaken.